Vet Fest 2019


Charlotte Dotty Lotty Olford

Ex WRAC and Royal Signals (this will be the reason that the venue was chosen for it’s excellent communication capabilities).

What do you see when you hear the word “Veteran”? Its not me is it a Lady in her early – ok mid forties, with a good job, a happy homelife, a veteran husband and two cats. I am the crazy lady who woke up one Sunday morning and thought “Glastonbury who???. We have a good Armed forces and Veterans Breakfast club that meets once a month with many strong friendships formed, so how do we celebrate the fist anniversary? Cake – NOPE (although there will be cake) – Banners NOPE (there will be a few) I know we will have a festival, have the most amount of fun and raise awareness that most veterans are like me – we are not all Broken, however we can raise awareness and a bit of funding along the way for those that need the help of the 2300 forces charities out there.

Sarah “Foxy” Fox

Ex Womens Royal Army Corps (WRAC) & Royal Signals Veteran- certified bleep and general all round good egg.

Currently studying for an Msc in Dementia- (must be mad!) to eventually become an Outer Hebridean Dementia Consultant- RMN- serving the Islands and Isles of the West Coast of Scotland.

Why Vet Fest?

Well having spent many years helping others, and in desperate need of a new challenge- a crazy lady with a crazy idea, was looking for volunteers to help with her festival.
Having served with the crazy lady’s, crazy husband in 7 Signal Regiment, Herford I already knew one member of Vet Fest, so I put myself forward as a possible admin helper- general pen pushing, research type, Monica organiser (Monica from friends), will help with what I can person.  Firstly, I offered the services of my old comrade in arms Max Maxwell, as you do (our web designer) then sent an e-mail introducing myself, best I could- Within a few hours I was onboard and part of the team!

Jeff Our Token RAF Blokey

Joined RAF in 75 as SNCO Aircrew.  Air Electronics Operator on Nimrods.  Did 6 years then got brain change to be Occifer.  Did 6000 flying hours on Nimrods, including Falklands and Gulf.  First crew to move on to ‘new’ Nimrod my 2.  Became very adept at catching and killing submarines – really useful in civi st.

Posted to Air Warfare Centre in Waddington.  Did 10 years doing really clever stuff delivering intelligence from Defence data base to front line. Went to lots of interesting places – but may have to kill you.  (what he means by that is he stayed in a few nice hotels – he doesn’t want to share as The RAF wouldn’t want them over crowded)

Retired, then started again in Cornwall as Engagement officer for SW – Full a Time Reserve Service.  Met loads of folk and got into this veteran game.Got ‘head hunted’ in 2016 for 2 years contract for BAe in Saudi – advising RSAF on Electronic Warfare.  Waste of my time but very lucrative. Helped daughter buy house – result.

Made huge mistake emailing crazy woman in Par.  And so it all begins.

Want to get involved?


We are still looking for Security, First Aid, Stall Holders and more – so please fill out the form below and get in touch if you’d like to be involved with this fabulous event.